HR Analytics Master Class Training, Nairobi - Kenya

HR Analytics Master Class Training, Nairobi - Kenya
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Thu, Oct 13 5:30AM - Fri, Oct 14 2:00PM

West Breeze Hotel, Nairobi West Breeze Hotel Nairobi Nairobi, Kenya

Event Details

Who Should Attend

Mid-level HR professionals with three to seven years of HR experience
HR Specialists looking to gain insight into HR its measurement of outcomes
Professionals who want to learn how HR output supports the business through facts and insight
HR professionals who need a greater understanding of the drivers of business performance
HR professionals who support business leaders

Class Objectives

Prepare HR Professionals to develop and analyze advanced data models
Help HR Professionals to enlarge their scope and breadth on the applications of analytics to obtain insights that are most valuable to the organizations they work with.
Help HR Consultants build confidence and industry standards in delivery of HR analytics solutions adoption
Help HR professionals predict and answer questions on employee attrition, when to cut/hire, articulate on organization’s overall health through surveys and staff appraisals
Teach HR Professionals use available tools such as Excel for data analysis and visualization.

Key Topics
HR Analytics Overview

The role of Analytics in HR
An overview of HR Regulations and Reporting Requirements
Connection Missions or Goals to HR Benchmarks and Metrics
Analytics Tools and Techniques for HR Professionals

Analytics Tools and Techniques for HR Professionals

Hands-on introduction to People/HR Analytics
Key Systems of Record for HR Data
Software Tools
Excel Quantitative Techniques
Excel Visualization
Excel Analytic Techniques

Using the Analytics Process Model

The Analytics Process Model and Its Phases
Applying the Analytics Process Model
Demonstrate use of the Analytics Process Model to analyze HR data

Measuring Employee Satisfaction (Class Exercise)

Typical/Traditional an modern HR Data Sources
Terminologies and Technologies that drive HR Data Analytics
Practical Class activity on how to measure employee satisfaction using the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) Model