HORSE WISDOM RETREAT hosted by Rene de Beer (084) 5023813

HORSE WISDOM RETREAT hosted by Rene de Beer (084) 5023813
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Sat, Feb 11 6:30AM - Sun, Feb 12 12:00PM

Pretoria, South Africa Pretoria, South Africa

Event Details

In Rhythm with Horse Wisdom Retreat 11 and 12 Feb 2017 hosted by René De Beer
(084) 5023813

Arrival time on both days: 8.30am. Coffee, tea and rusks will be served.

Cost: R1200. To confirm your booking please transfer the full amount to the following bank account with your name and “Retreat” as a reference and send a proof of payment: R. De Beer; ABSA Cheque account
Account number: 4050245210. Branch: Hatfield
Proof of payment to:

What to bring:
~Completed and signed copy of the Registration form
~Water bottle
~Your own lunch
~Sunblock and/or hat
~Appropriate outdoor shoes eg. tekkies/boots
~Exercise mat eg. yoga mat
~Notebook and pen/pencil
~Art supplies. Whatever medium you prefer eg. Charcoal and paper, Acrylic and canvas, Coloured pencils, Waterpaint, Chalk, etc. Remember to bring brushes, erasers, paper towels, water jar or anything else you might need for the medium you choose.
~Backpack or bag to carry everything in.
This is a flexi-silent retreat. During the introduction and over lunch and dinner, people who would like to share and chat are welcome to do so. Those who would like to remain in silence are also welcome to do so.

We start each day with a relaxed form of meditation which is just to quiet the mind and get everyone into a good space to enjoy the day. In between the scheduled activities, each person is free to choose where ever they would like to explore on the property. We encourage you to “follow your feet”, which means just go with your mat and your notebook to wherever you are drawn- whether it is a specific place, tree, herd or particular horse- and just be in nature with the horses. You can walk with another participant or you can explore on your own. If you feel worried about going into the paddocks on your own then you are welcome to ask me to accompany you. Your experiences and insights are personal and they are just for you- there will not be any obligatory sharing, set group discussions or story telling about each person’s experience. We will finish the first day off with a fun group dinner at Tin roof for those of you who would like to join!

I will be coordinating the practical aspects of the retreat, as well as offering support where it is needed, but your own intuition guided by nature and the horses will inspire and facilitate the experiences without any outside interference or interpretation. I would like to share with you the ways in which I have found my own rhythm with horse wisdom and invite you to explore yours! The focus of the retreat is to spend time with the horses and nature, remembering how to be still and listen, reconnecting with our own inner wisdom and to connect with horse wisdom that balances your Lion and lamb inside.

Schedule for both days
(The times for the set activities are estimates.)

Day 1
8.30am: Arrival and Introduction
Around 9h00: Moving meditation and chakra balancing if chosen.
Around 9h30:Visiting the heart of the property.
(Discussion: living from the heart and how to connect to others with the heart).
Around 10h30: Mare herd walk. (Discussion: True leadership)
Around 11h30:Visiting the Spiral space
(Fly lesson, knowing that you are loved)
Around 12h30: Lunch
Around 13h30: Old and young herd walk. (Discussion: True boundary setting & 12 Chakras)
Around 14h30: Visiting the Frog space (Discussion: healing wounds, what you see as ugly traits and limiting beliefs)
Around 15h30: Free time to explore.
Around 17h00: Inner child art (Discussion of the importance of the inner child and laughter)
Around 6pm: Star gazing
Around 7pm Dinner at Tin Roof

Day 2
8.30am Arrival
Around 9am: Humming meditation
Around 9h30: Visiting Labyrinth
(Discussion: Letting go of Trauma’s and problems)
Around 10h30: Gelding herd walk
(Discussion: Letting go of the past and future – living in the moment)
Around 11h30: Visiting meditation wheel (Discussion: Benefits of meditation)
Around 12h30pm: Lunch
Around 13h30: Wrapping things up
Around 14h00: Greeting and thanking the horses for their shared wisdom and serves offered.