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Ho Python Monthly Meetup - February Meetup

Sat, Mar 28. 1:00PM - 6:00PM
Wudake Ave, Ho, Ghana, Ho
past about 1 year
Ho Python Monthly Meetup - February Meetup

This meetup will focus more on staying productive as a developer - looking at the available tools that can help a developer work faster and become efficent overtime -

from command line tools,
to Git and GitHub

Taking amore dive into the workings of the Python programming language - knowing what modules and packages are and how we can be able to create our own custom modules and packages.
Staying focus building your way through the framework hell with a hands on live coding project in Python by -

building a Flask Web App from scratch,
deploying our application to Python Anywhere

Most at times developers turn to work on several multiple projects which might require them to learn some extra languages or tools to be able to fit in and work effectively - it can be very intimidating and daunting sometimes coupled with how to exactly take that first step. As an already experienced developer working with other programming languages, How can you make that smooth switch  to Python as quickly as possible? 
Join us on Sat February 29th, 2020 as we discussed the following topics in detail.
Topics to be discussed:

Deep dive into modules and packages
Git for the modern day developer
Awesome cmd line tools for productivity
Flask web framework and much more

Building Flask-based Web Apps
Deploying Python web application

Moving from PHP (other programming languages, eg: JAVA, C, C#, C++, Perl etc) to Python 3 with patreon.

All topics are picked from the TalkPython['Podcast'] channel.

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