Harmony (2009) - Korean Film Festival 2016

Harmony (2009) - Korean Film Festival 2016
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Thu, Oct 13. 12:00PM - 2:00PM

Oromia Cultural Center, Finfinee Oromia Oromia Cultural Center Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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“Harmony (하모니)” (2009)

Jeong-hye Hong (Yunjin Kim) is sentenced to ten years in prison after murdering her abusive husband. She gives birth to a boy in prison but has to give him up for adoption at his 18th months due to regulation.
With her fellow inmate Moon-ok Kim (Moon-hee Na) who have received the death penalty for homicide of her unfaithful husband and mistress, Jeong-hye starts a choir. The prison chief promises her a special outing with her baby if she makes it happen.

Free Entrance.
Director: Dae-kyu Kang, 115 minutes, color, 2009
Korean Film Festival 2016 will be held during October 11-13 at Oromia Cultural Center, as a part of "Selam! Korean Week 2016" hosted by Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Ethiopia.