Half Shell presents. TURTLE POWER vol. 1 BILLIONAIRES CLUB

By Half Shell
Fri, Oct 17. 6:00PM - 9:00PM
Billionaires Club, Durban

HALF SHELL brings you TURTLE POWER volume 1. A new series of themed parties held at the best venues in and around Durban. TURTLE POWER Volume 1 will be held at no better place then the renowned Billionairs Club on Stamfordhill Road. This is also the launch to the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie! So come dressed to theme as your favorite Turtle, dress in green or your favorite TMNT character. //// SPLINTER'S DEEPER SIDE (Outside Floor) DAKIN AURET (CPT/Strange Loving) BHASHKAR (Half Shell) KINGPIN (Babylon) AMIGO (illicit Industry) ERWIN G (Top Notch) BONES (Balcony Crew) MATT OLSEN GLAMOUR KILLFACE (VJ) //// SHREDDER'S LAIR (Inside Floor) I AM ROGUE MAT OD (Digital Kaos) NIGHTVISION NOMADIK (Red Bull Campus Clash DBN Champ 2014) SYZO B MD GLAYER DEVASTATION //// THEME //// NINJA TURTLES // GREEN // FAVORITE CHARACTER //// DRINK SPECIALS //// R5 F### U UP SHOTS BUY 1 GET 1 FREE TEQUILA's R10 POTENCY R10 STRAWBERRY LIPS R30 VODKA RED BULL & R40 NINJA TURTLE BUCKET (VODKA CREME SODA) //// 4 SQUARES/HAND TENNIS COURT //// From 8PM till 9PM we will be having a little 4 Squares tournament, first come first serve, 10min a round, last person to stay King wins a nice little prize from our homies at Red Bull. //// SHOOTER GIRLS //// There will be 2 ladies dressed in Green bikini's by Just Juené South Africa - JJSA handing out some R5 F### U UP SHOTS DAMAGE /// R50 (dressed to theme) R80 Normal

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