Growing Culture Tour - Kenya 2015

Growing Culture Tour - Kenya 2015
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Starts: Thursday, 12 February, 2015 12:00am

Ends: Thursday, 12 February, 2015 03:00am

Event Details

*Adventure of a Lifetime*

Travel to the heart of an African Community led by Sam Okoth, son of the village, and Sam Willcocks, Alego’s adopted daughter.
Connect with people young, old and ultimately yourself through the ancient mediums of drum, song, dance, craft and food.
By engaging in this traditional training program you are affirming positive change towards the preservation & celebration of culture.
You also have the opportunity to learn about living in community, share your unique skills and empower local people through participatory development projects.

The proposed dates are 11th – 27th February 2015.

These dates are subject to change slightly depending on availability of flights and the preferences of selected group members. Spaces are limited to 10 people to ensure group connectedness, maximum immersion and minimum disruption in village life.

A screening process is necessary so contact us (through Facebook or Email) to be considered for a place.
Groove Samoko (Sam Okoth):
Sam Willcocks:

16 day Schedule:
➢ Arrive in Nairobi and transfer to Kisumu airport where you will be collected by car.
➢ 1 day of rest and village welcome ceremony
➢ 4 days involved with Participatory Community Development Projects (Permaculture, Building, Sewing, Enterprise School)
➢ 5 days intensive traditional drum, dance & song training (you can continue involvement in Community Projects during this time also).
➢ Other optional workshops include traditional cooking, basket weaving & healing
➢ 4 day Safari to Lake Nakuru National Park & the Rift Valley
➢ 1 day in Nairobi for Giraffe feeding Centre and market adventures

Cost Breakdown:

Food: $15 pp/day. 15 days $225
Accommodation: $500
National park fees: $275
Transportation (fuel, vehicle & driver hire): $400
Workshops+ Tuition: $400

Total: $1800 (not including airfares)

+ Optional additional fundraising contribution to assist community development projects (suggested $300+). You can organise fundraising events with your friends and family and have access to our leaflets, posters, energy and ideas to help ☺


Airfares may be group-booked. Get in touch with us ASAP if you are interested in group travel. We have had some great deals offered on flights ranging from $1700-$2000 (from Australia). If we have a group of 10 then flights may be able to have a payment plan.

Travel Insurance

It is recommended that you organise your own travel insurance. We have been offered 20% off through Sister Act Travel, let us know if you would like to use them.

Ask any questions in the comments here or in private message/email if you would prefer. Once we have the tour team together we can meet up in person before we go :-)