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#Ghana2019 - An African-American Experience in West Africa

By Simone Joye Eford, Group Leader - CEO, Eford Group International LLC
Tue, Aug 13 9:00PM - Thu, Aug 22 10:00AM
Fiesta Residences, Accra

10 days/9 nights of nonstop fun and excitement. 
When we state those famous words by Lil Duval, "living our best life," we really mean it.The President of Ghana has designated 2019 "The Year of Return to Ghana!" He is inviting Blacks from all over the world to come, visit and partake in a year-long celebration of re-connecting with our roots.  ​Be one of our VIP guests as we travel in luxury to one of the world's hottest tourist destinations!​​It's Time to Jet! | It's Time for Africa!
Packages Start at $1,500 per person. We've listed two packages on Eventbrite. View more packages on our website, including packages for single, quad and triple, along with our platinum packages which include the rental of a Rolls Royce in Ghana!

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