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GFC 2017 Great Lake Summit On the 21st-Century Church,Tanzania

By DrBenard Etta
Wed, Sep 20 7:00AM - Sun, Sep 24 5:00PM
University of Dodoma, Dodoma

DODOMA, TANZANIA, IS THE DESTINATION! (SEPTEMBER 20th-24th) Dear friends, there are always tremendous blessings when one travels to another nation just to sit at the master's feet like Mary did to receive a fresh download from the heart of God. The destination for such a global gathering is Dodoma, the capital City of Tanzania, in Africa. Inquisitive and curious God chasers, ministers and believers from around the World will converge at the University of Dodoma, Tanzania on the 20th-24rd of September 2017 to seek God's mind on "The 21st Century Church" and to forge partnerships to advance God's kingdom agenda globally. It is going to be a unique opportunity for God's 21st Century Kingdom visionaries, technocrats, strategists, planners, thinkers, marketplace leaders, ministers, Global Ambassadors, and kingdom citizens to meet for a 4-Days fellowship in the light. You can't afford to miss! AREAS OF FOCUS INCLUDE! I) Contending for the faith. II) Repositioning the fivefold ministry for the 21st century. III) 21st Century Church. IV) Prophetic insights into the move of God Today. V) Winning the economic war (God’s financial plan for the 21st-century church). VI) World mission strategy for the 21st century. VII) Marketplace ministry in the 21st Century. VIII) The role of the church in national transformation, community development and in resolving global challenges. IX) The New Wine Ministry of the Holy Spirit. X) Understanding the times/ The Bride of Christ. We are Inviting you to join us! You can email, Call or inbox us for information about registration and participation. Email: Tel: +1) (240) 356-3010 Web: JESUS IS LORD!

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