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GFC 2017 Great Lake Global Summit Dodoma, Tanzania

By Global Faith Coalition
Wed, Sep 20 7:00AM - Sun, Sep 24 5:00PM
University of Dodoma, Dodoma

LET'S GO TO DODOMA, TANZANIA! TRAVEL TO UNRAVEL (September 20th-24th) A believer or Christian minister must choose between being an individual after God's heart, who takes side with God or someone who is a "clever church politician." It is unfortunate that the latter (Church politician) is what some in the church today have chosen. Politics everywhere is all about who gets what. If God's people reduce themselves to ordinary religious politicians who labor for meat that perishes, then the hope of seeing a move of God capable of transforming this generation may be unrealistic. Christ didn't offer his life to inspire religious politics but to extend God's kingdom to the earth through people whose burden is to see God's will and kingdom extended to the nations as it is in heaven, against the backdrop of religious politicking. If "thy kingdom come" was the overriding passion of every believer and Christian minister, we should have witnessed the transformation of entire cities and nations. The church is in need of a heaven sent visitation. In Dodoma Tanzania, on the 20th-24th of September, believers and gospel ministers from around the world will come together to seek God's heart and mind for the church in this crucial hour. This is a global gathering of eagle saints you can't afford to miss. SUMMIT AREAS OF FOCUS! I) Contending for the faith II) Repositioning the fivefold ministry for the 21st century. III) 21st Century Church IV) Prophetic insight into the move of God Today. V) Winning the economic war (God’s financial plan for the 21st-century church) VI) World mission strategy for the 21st century. VII) Marketplace ministry in the 21st Century. VIII) The role of the church in national transformation, community development and in resolving global challenges. IX) The New Wine Ministry of the Holy Spirit. X) Understanding the times/ The Bride of Christ. Contact us if you want to take part in this unique event. DON'T MISS!

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