Gender Forum - Education Reforms in Kenya: What is the place for GENDER?

Gender Forum - Education Reforms in Kenya: What is the place for GENDER?
past over 2 years ago

Thu, Feb 25. 1:00PM - 3:30PM

Kenya national Theatre. Nairobi, Kenya

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Formal education is a key conduit for child socialization and intellectual development. The presentation of concepts such as gender, inclusivity and non-discrimination is subtly ingrained in the teaching psyche, methodologies and content of the curriculum.
The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development is in the process of reviewing the basic education curriculum for all education sub-sectors. This will be coupled with a review of the teacher training system. A public participation period was opened in early February inviting memoranda from stakeholders. Will the education reforms process that is currently underway shape the sensitivity of Kenya’s formal education toward gender sensitivity, inclusivity and equity?
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Key discussion points:
1. How is the concept of gender presented in education policy and the current education curriculum and teaching methods?
2. To what extent are learning outcomes analysed and tailored to address evolving social needs – use of technology, sexuality, discipline, non-discrimination and cultural practices?
3. How are current education sector reforms poised to address the patriarchal interpretation of societal norms and values?
4. What skills training and teaching methodologies are going to be employed to address the presentation of gender by teachers?
5. How does the education sector monitor gender sensitivity in curriculum, learning outcomes and teaching methodologies?

Discussion Panel:
The discussion will be led by practitioners in education, education policy experts, teacher training institutions and social scientists.