By Olisaemeka Nwosa
Sat, Feb 7. 12:00AM - 3:00AM

LAGOS 2015! LAGOS 2015!! IT IS HAPPENING AGAIN LIVE IN LAGOS STATE THE LORD'S CHOSEN CHARISMATIC REVIVAL MOVEMENT. 10,ODOFIN PARK ESTATE OSHODI APAPA EXPRESS WAY, IJESHA BUSTOP LAGOS, NIGERIA. PRESENTS: A 2 DAY HOLYGHOST INSPIRED INT'L CRUSADE THEME: FROM SORROW TO JOY DATE: 7TH AND 8TH FEB,2015. VENUE: THE LORD'S CHOSEN REVIVAL GROUND, IJESHA BUSTOP LAGOS, NIGERIA TIME: 8:00AM MINIST: PST. LAZARUS MUOKA (G.O) This Is a Crusade,that comes up once every year, Brother, Sister, Mummy and daddy You Cannot Afford To Miss This great program, It Is for you, and your entire family, I Don't Know What Has Constitute Sorrow In Your Life and that of your relatives , I Want To Let You Know That God Has Determined To turn your sorrows into Joy, You May have gone to different places, seeking for solution to that your problem, all to no avail, You See This Program?After coming to this program, That mountaineous problem will not return home with you,Every unbreakable yoke must be broken by the reason of anointing, People Will Ask You Where Did You Go? Tell Them, God Has Finally turned my Sorrows to Joy, I want you to understand that ,Your unbelief can not stop your Joy in this program, for I know We have a God that answers prayers, That is the God Of Heaven, The Mightier Than All, The God that doeth Wonders and that is The God Of The Chosen. Have You Been Struggling With All Manners Of Diseases? We Have A Doctor,And Is Name His, Doctor Jesus, He Will Heal You. Have You Been Struggling To be free from sinful life?You Shall Receive The Power Of Newness Of Life,The Power of Sonship and the Power of Transformation. Have You Been Struggling To Be Free From Spirit Husband and Spirit Wife? In This program You Shall Obtain Divine deliverance. Have You Been Struggling With Unemployment? Even If You Are Not Qualified, The Almighty God Will Qualify You. Have you Been Struggling To Make It In Life? Life Is Not By Struggle, Come And Receive The Power To Excel. Have you been barren for many years? Our God Will Make You To Laugh. Are You Afflicted? After This Crusade, Afflictions Shall Not Rise The Second Time in your life. Have You Lost Hope? In This Program, There shall Be Hope For The Needy. I want to Let You Know It Is Time For God To turn your sorrows into Joy, that problem you are seeing now, in this program, you shall see it no more. In This program: It Is certain that, you shall receive Genuine Salvation. Sanctification. Deliverance. HolyGhost Baptism. Miracles Healing etc Our God has done it before,and He His set to do it again, come 7th and 8th Feb 2015. As you come, You shall see the Finger of God re-writing your story. If you try, you will not cry, Let us all try. JESUS IS LORD

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