Forever The Moment (2008) - Korean Film Festival 2016

Forever The Moment (2008) - Korean Film Festival 2016
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Tue, Oct 11. 3:40PM - 6:00PM

Oromia Cultural Center, Finfinee Oromia Oromia Cultural Center Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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"Forever The Moment" (우리 생애 최고의 순간: The Best Moment of Our Lives)

“Forever The Moment” is a film based on a true story of the South Korean women’s handball team who competed in the final match at the Athens Olympics 2004.

Hye-kyeong (Jeong-eun Kim) is a retired handball player who is now working as a coach for Japan Handball League. She is asked to train South Korean women’s national team after their current coach suddenly resigns. What she faces upon her arrival is a totally undisciplined group of young girls. To bring them on, Hye-kyeong calls her old teammates, including Mi-sook (So-ri Moon) who is a two-time Olympic gold medalist and is now working in a supermarket. Mi-sook joins the team and together with Hye-kyeong, they both try to revamp their team.
But Hye-kyeong confronts the severe discord between young players and older players due to their age difference and experiences, and has to deal her own conflict with Mi-sook as well. Despite of her efforts, she fails to unite her team and finally is replaced by Seung-pil Ahn (Tae-woong Uhm), the former men’s handball star.
Now Hye-kyeong is again a player, but she doesn’t give up her dream to build true team spirit.

Director: Soon-rye Kim, 124 minutes, color, 2008

Korean Film Festival 2016 will be held during October 11-13 at Oromia Cultural Center, as a part of "Selam! Korean Week 2016".