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By Russell Coombs
Thu, Feb 19. 7:00PM - 10:00PM
Goethe Institut Accra, Accra

Year of Production: 1999 Director: Andreas Kleinert Screenplay Johann Bergk Cinematography: Jürgen Jürges Editor: Gisela Zick Music by: Andreas Hoge, Steven Garling 95 Minutes 55-year-old Walter is unemployed. Once vested with a certain power and function, he is now less and less able to see any meaning to his existence or to adapt to the present. His last support is the belief in a better world: he wants to stand up for "good", if necessary, by violent means. And so he roves at night with two youths in the conviction that he is needed by society to maintain law and order. But society doesn't need him. As this knowledge matures within him, so he becomes an increasing danger to himself and his surroundings. His wife, the only person who loves him, will betray him in order to save herself. However, he is now past helping. Paths In The Night: A big-city film which tells in an equally powerful and poetic manner of a forlorn love and a psyche running amuck. The Goethe Bar & Grill will be offering a variety of grilled food items including bratwurst, German Beers, Club draught and much more.

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