Festival of Ideas 2014

By Legacy & Legacy
Thu, Aug 14. 9:00AM - 9:00PM
Labadi Beach, Accra

Festival of Ideas, originally known as the Infopreneurship Conference is the flagship corporate event of Legacy & Legacy and is recognized as one of Ghana’s most prestigious business conferences. It brings together business heads, top corporate executives and professionals from different sectors for insightful presentations, corporate training, brainstorming and networking. As a conference that appeals to the crème de la crème of corporate Ghana, this year’s conference, which will be the 8th edition, will once again bring together top business leaders to focus and deliberate on Strategic Repositioning.

Rapid changes on the global economic front have left a number of industries and economies generally vulnerable. On the local front, Ghana is going through some challenging economic times. Treasury bill rates, inflation rate and bank lending rates continue to rise with attendant implications for the cost of doing business. Moreover, rapidly appreciating exchange rates have left the local currency, the cedi, continually vulnerable to the major trading currencies. As a result, corporate organizations are realizing that they cannot plan for the medium term with the same level of certainty that they did previously. While some have resorted to short-term planning and the changing of strategy on a yearly basis, others have abandoned their strategic outlook and focused their attention on operational efficiency. 

Companies must however continue to grow and remain competitive and profitable while not-for-profit organisations must retain their strategic focus, attractiveness and continue to attract financial support. On the individual front, leaders and managers need to be equipped with skills and strategies for managing their entities in an increasingly uncertain environment. They must know how to proactively anticipate or promptly respond to significant changes in economic fundamentals or important variables that have direct implications for their well-crafted plans.

Festival of Ideas 2014 under the theme “Strategic Repositioning’’ is slated for Thursday 14th August, 2014 in Accra with emphasis on Strategy Planning & Execution, Leadership Strategies, Achieving Competitive Advantage,, among others. The training sessions and evening plenary are expected to equip participants with relevant skills for achieving personal and corporate success and give sponsors and partners an ideal forum to interface with key decision makers from various industries.

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