FeedZim 2016 Conference & Expo.

By Zimbabwe Agricultural Society
Wed, May 18. 6:00AM - 10:00AM
Zimbabwe Agricultural Society, Harare

#Produce Zimbabwe: Feed Zimbabwe Concept Note. Zimbabwe can and must feed itself. It must even produce for export. But we need a back to basics approach to find our feet, and morph and map a solid, sustainable and practical way for enhancing production and productivity in the reality of climate change, and the current land tenure system, while invoking a value chain approach with shared accountability and responsibility, to lift ourselves out of this food insecurity quagmire and elevate Zimbabwe’s standing and status as a robust and formidable agricultural nation. The LEADS discussion is a unique collaborative approach to unraveling and understanding the 2015 season, to gain insight into the disruptive reality of drought, followed by a unified approach to highlighting and prioritising the actions/activities to ensure and assure a bigger and better harvest during the 2016/2017 season. This interactive discussion will also provide useful ideas and insights for policy makers to accelerate agricultural development. We will, collaboratively, identify opportunities while analysing current thinking on agricultural development. For more information about this expo please contact the following emails and telephone numbers: pr@zas.co.zw pr1@zas.co.zw marketing@zas.co.zw marketing1@zas.co.zw sales1@zas.co.zw sales2@zas.co.zw Tel : +263 4 780 963-6 Mobile : 0772 411 294

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