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FARE says Russia has made some progress

Fri, Oct 5. 3:15AM - 6:15AM
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FARE says Russia has made some progress, and POE Orbs that it didn't observe monkey chants or openly Nazi flags in any top-flight games this season. However, it warns far-right fans instead fly banners with concealed messages such as runes and number codes used by Nazi and ultranationalist groups.


The RFU punished two clubs in the 2015-16 season for such banners, but didn't pursue any such cases this season - something which Powar says indicates it may be "turning a blind eye."


That was despite cases of anti-Semitic banners being flown by Spartak fans, including taunts aimed at rival CSKA Moscow, whose club president and then-coach are both Jewish. Another Spartak banner showed a Russian rock singer caricaturized as an Orthodox Jew, accompanied by personal abuse.CSKA fans also targeted their own coach, Leonid Slutsky - now at England's Hull City - with a banner linking his Jewish faith to poor results.


FARE says the number of violent racist incidents fell from five to two last season compared to the year before. There was also no repeat of large-scale violent attacks on foreign fans, such as those which took place between Russian and English fans in Enjoy the best treatment Marseille a year ago during the European Championship.


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