Events Management Seminar

Events Management Seminar
past almost 2 years ago

Fri, Aug 12 12:00AM - Sat, Sep 24 12:00AM

CPR Offfice East Legon, Accra, Ghana

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Overall Objectives of Lecture Phase:
The Event Management Seminar trains students with skills in programming, marketing, backstage management, sponsorship, budgeting, networking, vision casting, so that they can organize events according to the vision and the word given by the Lord. Students need to have God's vision and the skills and His tenacity to follow through to completion, even when under spiritual attack. They will have many practical opportunities to develop and apply vision.

Overall Objectives of Field Assignment Phase:
Understanding the importance of vision, networking, serving, blessing, outreaching to local and global communities. Understanding the significance of building a platform for artists to reach and impact their audience. Increase organizational skills, as well as integrity of character and excellence in work values to be a Godly example to those we are trying to reach. Students to have a Biblical Worldview of the arts and the role they play historically and currently.

YWAM Values Outcomes: They will learn to trust the word of the Lord for direction and provision in organizing events. They will learn that there is no difference between running events in sacred or secular venues. They will learn spiritual Warfare. We must not just know God but to also make Him known in the secular environment.