Ethical Hacker And Penetration Tester Training Nairobi Kenya

Ethical Hacker And Penetration Tester Training Nairobi Kenya
past over 3 years ago

Mon, Jun 15 6:00PM - Fri, Jun 19 2:00PM

Vertical Distinct Training Centre, City Centre, Nairobi, KE Nairobi, Kenya

Event Details

Ethical Hacker and Penetration Tester Training Nairobi Kenya

A combination of theoretical (20 percent) and hands on experience (80 percent), this course provides an overview of IT Security from a penetration tester’s perspective. Techniques and proof of concept of attacks are examined. The fundamentals will be covered such as collecting information on the target, the attack itself, post-attack and well as how to cover your tracks.

The Curriculum includes:

Module 01 Fundamentals of IT Security and Penetration Testing (Pentesting)

Module 02 Scanning, Attacks and Post Attacks

Module 03 Application and Web Application Attacks

Module 04 Other Attacks/PenTesting Vectors

Module 05 PenTesting Challenge/Simulation

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