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EPIK Social Good Festival

By Kra Travel
Sat, Jun 15. 6AM - Sun 11:30PM
Adum Banso, Ghana, Adum Banso
upcoming in 25 days
EPIK Social Good Festival

“EPIK Social Good Festival” is a Not-For-Profits, Charitable, Philanthropic, Humanitarian, Impact and Purpose-Driven event.

Which is planned, organized and hosted as the headline Father’s Appreciation Day celebration event in my hometown, Adum Banso, in the Mpohor-Fiase District, Western Region, Ghana, annually since 2022.

In commemoration, honor, memory and celebration of Fatherhood and my parents the late Elizabeth Pinsan and the late Isaiah Kakraba (EPIK).

My father, the late Mr. Isaiah Kakraba, died on Father’s Appreciation Day, Sunday, June 20, 2021. The conceptualization, development, writing and actualization of this annual event therefore, emanated from this extremely painful and unforgettable tragedy.

As part of my series of innovative, creative, sustainable and transformational charitable, philanthropic, humanitarian, social, public, civic, community, professional and personal. Inclusive living, recreational, livelihoods nourishment, rejuvenation, eco and rural tourism development and promotion initiatives, engagements, assistance and services. Responsibility, values creation, impact and purpose-driven intrinsic motivation, passion, desire, zeal, determination, commitment and poise.

To strive to transform the extremely unfortunate tragedy and the pain of losing my father, the late Mr. Isaiah Kakraba, on not any other day, but Father’s Appreciation Day, Sunday, June 20, 2021.

Into something good, meaningful, useful, laudable, desirable, worthwhile, prudent, impactful and of mutual benefits. That creates the leverage to engage, support, motivate, entertain, rejuvenate and impact Persons Living with Disability and Special Needs, the people and community of my hometown, Adum Banso, a very deprived and underserved rural community in the Mpohor-Fiase District, Western Region, Ghana and the international community at large.

“EPIK Social Good Festival” provides spectacular moments for attendees to experience off-the-beaten-paths authentic local tourism, travel, hospitality, recreational, livelihoods nourishment, rejuvenation, active living and lifestyles. Local people, communities, culture, traditions, living, lifestyles, foods and beverages. Social, civic, public, intercultural, interpersonal, networking, communication, relationships building, diversity management, philanthropic, charitable and humanitarian activities, courtesies and services.

It also offers unique opportunities for the establishment and fostering of sustainable and transformational business, career/professional, personal and community companionship, sense of belonging, acceptance, friendships, contacts, links and networking. Support systems, public education, information dissemination, storytelling, visibility, positioning, publicity, awareness raising, sensitization, activism and advocacy.

And practical demonstration and extension of solidarity, goodwill, benevolence, generosity, love, compassion, emotional and physical relief, wellbeing, care, support and attention for Persons Living with Disability and Special Needs, the people and community of Adum Banso, Mpohor-Fiase District, Western Region, Ghana.

And on the basis of this, the Festival planning, organizing, management and actualization team also invites everyone, anywhere in the World to visit, attend, join us, and fully participate in this vintage Father’s Appreciation Day celebration event and be part of something socially good, purposeful and meaningful.

Come. See. Hear. Touch. Feel. Taste. Eat. Drink. Dance. Be Social. Be Good.

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