EP Launch of CPT Hip Hop competition winner.

By Black & White productions
Fri, Dec 16 6:00PM - Sat, Dec 17 2:00AM
Cape Town, South Africa, Cape Town

"THE THRONE" is a hip hop competition (live rap battle) created to promote up and coming artists (more exposure) starting from Cape Town "The Mother City" (will cross the borders soon or later), it is designed for those, dedicated but never had a chance to take center stage and showcase their rap skills more specially those coming from the ghetto/project, strategically forcing that helping hand; provincially, nationally and even internationally trying to feed hope to the youth and the hopeless, "BELIEVING IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS". As his aka "DA FAITH" won the throne last year, was once a street boy troubled with an abusive parent, had nothing, no body but never gave up. A firm believer, got more inspired by people around him (pastors and other community leaders), now giving back to those who believed in him at the same time inspired others. "THE THRONE" launched in 2015, will only be coming every second year, toured some of CPT hottest hip hop spots including Milnerton/Joe Slovo, Strand, Paarl, Delft (Italian house), Gugulethu (Mzoli)... appearing on many radio stations including Bush Radio, CT TV and SABC2 (Hectic 9). There's more to come for the winner, for now we will be celebrating the success of tailling his EP and his evolution in the game. Now already collaborating with big names producers/rappers from CPT to Jozi, his appearance extending his fan base from Goodhope to Metro FM but didn't start officially, not yet... A SPECIAL THANKS TO THOSE WHO SUPPORTED US: Emile YX and Mixed Mense, One movement crew, BMP crew, PVSI (Paarl), Rheebongs, Madira, Ras Dan, Bush Radio (Headwarmaz, The breakfast rush), UCT radio (ABC show), Loon Hefner, Mr Mzoli, The Italian Boss, Timo, those who participated and everybody else not mentioned but dearly contributed... More details coming soon and please note that the date may change due to main guests shows and locations...More details coming soon and please note that the date may change due to main guests shows and locations...

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