Emo Night: Taking Back Saturday

By Emo Night South Africa
Sat, Sep 3. 6:30PM - 9:30PM
The Manila Bar, Cape Town

Saturdays have always been known as those nights where everyone goes out to get raucously inebriated while thudding bass beats propel them closer to permanently damaging their hearing. We fully endorse getting raucously, but responsibly, inebriated but with a slightly different soundtrack. One that drips with the nostalgia of high school and the tears associated with repressed angst. Thus, we present Taking Back Saturday – the much-requested second edition of Emo Night South Africa. Cover fee: R30 before 11pm and R40 after 11pm. Come early to pay less and party for longer! Payment to be made in cash as there will be no card machine at the door. Venue: The upstairs live music section of The Manila Bar Doors open at 8:30pm What to expect? The taking back of Saturday and part of Sunday The writing of sins not tragedies Chemical romances Blinking 182 times People adding up to 42 Talented men that may or may not be called Billy Your mom calling you a Satanist while you dress yourself head-to-toe in back All your non-emo friends think you are weird Black eyeliner and vision-obscuring fringes Brand new DJs Not falling out with your friends Things going down The piercing of your emo veil Last resort beers More black clothing than a funeral for a friend A day that isn’t really green Modern takes on baseball A severe lack of American Football Pirates of the Caribbean references as we try to bring you the horizon Good girls called Charlotte Good girls all the bad guys want Rock shows Songs about Adam A night to remember A lot of panicking at the disco The Black Parade played in full A lack of world eating by Jimmy Confessions on the dashboard Line-up: 9pm to 10pm: DJ We Ironically Hate Our Hometown shall be playing My Chemical Romance’s “The Black Parade” in its entirety 10pm to 11pm: DJ Omar Morto playing all the classics 11pm to 12am: DJ Change The Chorus once again playing all those pop-punk and alternative rock anthems 12am to 2am: DJ xxBr00talTearsxx will be once again closing the night with his frantic combination of post-hardcore, pop punk, alternative rock, and punk. Right of admission is reserved. Payment to enter the downstairs part of The Manila Bar will not constitute admission to the upstairs section in which Emo Night shall be occurring.

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