ECHO Apostle TNJ Urhobo Live In Concert

ECHO Apostle TNJ Urhobo Live In Concert
past about 1 year ago

Sun, May 28. 2:00PM - 7:00PM

Lagos, Nigeria Lagos, Nigeria

Event Details

ECHO, Apostle TNJ URHOBO Live In Concert is going to be a unique inspiring and enjoyable music concert. You are going to experience sweet, melodious music that will wrap itself around your spirit, soul, and body and take you into the empyreal realm where. You will experience a glory-filled ambience so inviting and powerful, you will never be the same when the curtain falls on the final note.

You will hear beautiful music like never before, and rendered like only Apostle TNJ can do! You will experience the awesome power of the Holy Spirit in a unique, enriching and empowering way. There is really nothing quite like it; Sweet Music, and the Sweet Spirit of God .

Come and experience the uncommonly anointed Psalmist ministry of this beautiful and gracious Minister of God who God loves so much and who loves Him in return. Come share in this extra-ordinary love. It is so powerful it chases Sickness, Depression, and Demons Away! You Better Believe It; it is true and for real.

There will be fantastic atmosphere for sweet music to flow. There will be a full-bloom release of anointing for joy, laughter, healing, deliverance and blessings showers as the Apostle sings. Don't forget to bring your dancing shoes.

Apostle T.N.J will hand out gifts to the first 10 people to buy tickets. She will also officially launch her Beautiful Hearts Fan Club a.k.a the B-Hearts FC.

Tickets Categories and Costs :Are As Follows

Regular: N5,000 only.
VIP: N7,500 only.
VVIP: N25,000 only.
Family Regular Table: N25,000 only. (6 members only)
Family VIP: N75,000 only. (6 members only)
Family VVIP:N125,000 only. (6 members only)
Corporate: N250,00 only.
Corporate Mega: N500.000 + only.

Come Support the "100,000 Noodles" Charity Project.

Come, Enjoy the Music, the Humour, the Drama, the Dance, and Empyreal Joy. It's a season of love and sharing, so, bring your "favorite people".

His Grace is The Reason We Are So-o-o Good. Come And Be Refreshed!
"I Look Forward To Seeing You There. We Are Going To Have The Time Of Our Lives! See You There."