By Russell Coombs
Sat, Feb 21. 7:00PM - 10:00PM
Goethe Institut Accra, Accra

::Land: Deutschland ::Jahr: 2014 ::Länge: 87 min ::Sprache: Englisch mit deutschen Untertiteln ::Genre: Dokumentation ::Regie: Christian Weinert & Ferdinand Carrière Time: 7:00pm Annually more than 3,000 mostly young Germans travel to Africa to spend several months on voluntary service in a social institution, an organization or a project. The motivation of travelers are different. In most cases, however, it is their personal experiences, stories and reports that shape the public image of voluntary activities in Africa. What, however, attendants of local volunteers think about the comings and goings of the German guests? Which visible and invisible traces volunteers in projects from the perspective of living in this area people? In the perspective rich documentation portray people in South Africa, Ghana and Gambia their views and experiences with German volunteers. An exciting film about the diversity and complexity of encounter in the context of voluntary activities in Africa. The Goethe Bar & grill will be offering a variety of grilled food items, German Beer, Club draught beer and much more.

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