Dining with arts- Italian food meets Zambian tradition

Dining with arts- Italian food meets Zambian tradition
past about 1 year ago

Sat, May 6. 4:00PM - 7:00PM

Casa Portico and Gusto Italiano 27 Ngumbo Road, Longacres Lusaka, Zambia

Event Details

A special night meant to sustain educational and art programmes of Mthunzi, a Child Care Centre that takes care of orphans and vulnerable children coming from the streets of Lusaka.

The theatre play MALOZA -The man cub, has been selected for Cradle of Creativity, an International Theatre Festival for Children and Young People, to be held in Cape Town at the end of May and organised by Assitej International.

The event will start at 18 and end at 21 with the following program:

- 18.00: opening
- 18.30: chilling out: music with KUNI and Pink Blues
- 19.00: theatre, acrobatics and dance show: MALOZA-The man cub
- 20.00: Italian dinner...while music continues..
- 21.00: closing

We have set two types of tickets:

GOLDEN CIRCLE: 50 VIP accesses - 500K
5 tables (10 seats each) near the performing stage, only for selected guests that will be served with: welcome cocktail, 3 special courses and 1 glass of wine.

SILVER CIRCLE: 50 accesses - 250K
Dinner with buffet, small tables near the stage.

Your favourable consideration and support will be highly appreciated and it will go in the right direction of fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of children and young people that Mthunzi Centre supports.

BOOK TICKET AT: +260979910153 / +260968571050
OR AT: CASA PORTICO n GUSTO/ Il Portico: The Village, Leopards Hill RD/ La Bottega, Chindo Rd 13 Woodlands.