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Thu, Aug 17 6:30AM - Sat, Aug 19 2:30PM

African Bible University PO Box 71242, Clocktower Kampala, Uganda

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At a time when Uganda is receiving extraordinary numbers of refugees and migrants, supporting government in tackling this situation is a key priority for South Sudanese Intercultural Foundation (SSIF) , International Students Festival In Trondheim, Norway (ISFIT) and Anti Corruption International (ACI) Dialogue on crisis in Uganda, Kampala.

The above organizations seek for more partners in this dialogue which actually a follow up seminar by #ISFIT 2017, Participants in Trondheim, Norway .

After the initial emergency phase, the Uganda and South Sudan must ensure the social , cultural, political and economic integration of the new arrivals Uganda is now home to 1.25millons refugees including 898,000 South Sudanese who have fled civil war, famine and economic crisis for four years of progressive policy allowing refugees to obtain a plot of land, start business, for health care and education has proved a godsend for people from Uganda unstable neighbours......

But now the precedented influx from South Sudan, which is coupled with food shortages, drought, discrimination and high unemployment means that hospitality is warning especially in some areas where "refugees outnumbered indigenous population "

The dialogue is a valuable and inspiring process in number of respects. Despite these unrelenting challenges, the demonstrate the strength, resilience and vision of the displaced women and girls and willingness of relevant stake holder to actively engage with challenge they face. Therefore it will bring wide range relevant stakeholders who will focus on the different situations of refugees and raises the voices of voiceless

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