D'COMPANY Liberian Kids Extravaganza

D'COMPANY Liberian Kids Extravaganza
past over 1 year ago

Sun, Jan 1 8:00PM - Mon, Jan 2 12:00AM

B. W. Harris Episcopal High School Monrovia, Liberia

Event Details

D’ Company is a charity organization focusing on the children of Liberia. As part of our vision to create a national kid’s day wherein every child recognizes his or her self-worth, value and feel hopeful again in a society that has for the past decades destroyed the wonderful experience of being a child, and subject our children to some of the most unimaginable and unforgiving experiences, D’ Company will embark on an initial feeding program of 10,000 children in Monrovia, Liberia on January 1, 2017.
The mission is to provide feeding to over 10,000 children on New Year’s Day so that it addresses the mind, body, and spirit of these wonderful creatures. We will do so in a musical festival to celebrate our child, and tell them we care under the theme giving hope and dignity to our children once again. The event of the 1st January, 2017 will usher in an annual event of D’ Company. At each New Year starting with this one, we intend to serve our children especially the under privilege to a dignify dinner that will give them hope and most importantly leave them with the massage that our nation still cares.
It is our hope that this experience will inspire a child to recognize his or her potential after meeting some of their role models for the first time with the massage that they can be whoever they wish to be regardless of current condition. This effort is part of a larger vision to construct 15 chains of community centers in all 15 counties that will ensure that no child goes hungry. These centers will provide the needed mentorship and counseling to kids in these communities struggling not only with hunger, but alcohol, drug, and sexual abuses. It will provide intervention in cases of child labor, mental and physical abuse.