CULTURAL STOPOVERS: Sports, Arts & Culture Take Nairobi for a Day

CULTURAL STOPOVERS: Sports, Arts & Culture Take Nairobi for a Day
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Starts: Saturday, 27 February, 2016 05:00am

Ends: Saturday, 27 February, 2016 09:00pm

Event Details

CULTURAL STOPOVERS "Sports, Arts & Culture Take Nairobi for a Day" February,27,2016.

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the initiative “CULTURAL STOPOVERS – Sports, Arts and Culture take Nairobi for a Day”, on Feb 27th 2016.

CULTURAL STOPOVERS is an initiative to make the variety and wealth of Nairobi’s cultural and artistic initiatives visible. By interpreting the term “culture” in a broad sense, CULTURAL STOPOVERS aims to create a virtual Arts & Culture Circuit in Nairobi, through which existing cultural and artistic centers, museums, theaters, galleries, art, music and dance schools, restaurants, hotels and other venues become virtually connected for one day. All friends of the arts will open their doors to the inhabitants of the city and join into the celebration of Nairobi’s cultural diversity from morning to night under a common marketing concept.

Through this, CULTURAL STOPOVERS aims to connect Nairobians with the huge variety of cultural and artistic expression in their city, and open working opportunities for artists and cultural entrepreneurs to showcase their creativity and engage with and learn from each other.

Therefore, CULTURAL STOPOVERS is an opportunity for you to inscribe your venue into the public circuit and showcase a Kenyan cultural, artistic or sportive expression to the public. This can take the form of a special event or simply be part of your regular and ongoing program. In any case, you are fully in charge and responsible for the activities in your venue and you will also establish the terms and conditions how to implement it. By participating in the initiative and declaring your venue a Cultural Stopover, your event, initiative or activity will be included in the branding and in the overall program, putting your business on the map and making the whole city aware of what it is all about. You can and should use the CULTURAL STOPOVERS logo into your own promotional materials. Though no financial support is offered, nor expected, any contribution to the general marketing efforts to promote the initiative is most welcome.

In case, you wish some guidance or advice on preparing for the day, the Moving Cultures team can link you up with artists, musicians and other cultural initiatives to brainstorm and decide. For example, you can have workshops offered by a group of artisans and guided tours in your premises, you can also host a concert, a salsa night, etc. It will be up to you, to engage and arrange any contracts and relationships with the artists. It is also up to you if you will charge for your event or not.

The activities on the 27th February will start from 8:00am, and many of the participating art centres, shopping centres, galleries, souvenir shops, community service centres, touristic venues will plan workshops and cultural activities on their respective venues during day time, whilst hotels, bars, restaurants, theaters etc. will offer their regular entertainment, cultural and artistic events during the evening, all under the theme "Sports, Arts & Culture Take Nairobi for a Day".

Each participating cultural center, venue or individual will elaborate and will be fully responsible for their own events and activities during the day. As many of them are already established and have ongoing programs, the additional cost will depend on the discretionary investment each one of the participants would like to make in order to seize the opportunity of being a CULTURAL STOPOVER.

Each of the participants also has their own clientele, followers and databases which they are expected to inform about the day through their traditional and regular channels. However, as they will promote the joint program, they will be able to reach out to a much wider audience and multiply the effect and convening power.
Finally, the production of a joint program and the promotion through newspapers, TV and radio should generate increased public awareness without much of additional costs, particularly if a sponsor can be found to take care of printing, audio-visual production and online marketing.
“Moving Cultures” will assume the coordination of activities free of charge.

About the organizers:
Moving Cultures is a volunteer based social intercultural movement & network, that promotes unity in diversity through the recognition of the transformative power of the arts and cultures.
It was founded in 2014 by Wanayran Angerer, a world renowned Honduran Jazz performer.
Please confirm as soon as possible your participation submitting the following information:
1. Company name
2. Company description
3. Contacts of personal responsible of Marketing & Public relations of your company
4. Forward your logo