CPT: The Forgotten Jewels, some of the Great Women in Islam

CPT: The Forgotten Jewels, some of the Great Women in Islam
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Sat, Feb 27 6:00AM - Sun, Feb 28 4:00PM

Department of Statistical Sciences - University of Cape Town PD Hahn Building, Upper Campus, University of Cape Town Cape Town, South Africa

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A new course taught by Sheikh Daood Butt, focusing on some of the Great Women in Islam

The first person to believe in the Prophet SAWS was a women, Khadijah (RA). She was a pillar for the Prophet who strengthened him and supported him through his toughest trials. Her role set a new standard for the women in shaping and developing the Muslim society.

Just as there were great men with the Prophet SAWS, there were also many great women who serve as outstanding role-models for Muslim women today. This course is about reliving the legacy of a select group of women from the early generation of Muslims. These jewels include:

Young Women:
Aishah Bint Abu Bakr
Amah Bint Khalid
Hafsah Bint Sireen
Mothers who raised Scholars:
Mother of Imam Bukhari
Mother of Imam As-Shafiee
Mother of Imam Malik ibn Anas
Mother of Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal
Love Stories: Women Making the Right Choice
Zainab Bint Muhammad
Bareerah and Mugheeth
Khansaa Bint Khaddaam
Umm Salamah
Women and Society:
Zumurrud Khatun (Sister of Salahuddin Al-Ayoubi)
180 Degrees: Women who changed their life around after Islam
Hind Bint Utbah (Radical Change, from cannibal acts to Islam)
Al-Ghamidiyyah (Sahabiyyah who commited adultery)
Women and Their Parents:
Umm Kulthum
Women and Knowledge: (A Modern Example)
Aisha At-Taymuriyya (1840-1902)
- See more at: https://www.alkauthar.org/course.php?course=677#sthash.pKYiUBbq.dpuf