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Fri, Apr 1. 4:00PM - 7:00PM

Uganda National Cultural Centre Plot 2, 4 & 6 De-Winton Road Kampala, Uganda

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Dance Revolution East Africa (DREA) has been established in 2015 as a collaboration between professional choreographers, dancers and dance companies from Kampala in 2015. DREA’s goal is threefold: (1) to develop collaborations between dancers within East Africa, (2) to initiate and nurture collaborations between East African and international dancers, and (3) to increase audience access to dance in East Africa by bridging the gap between underserved dancers and affluent audiences . With this in mind, DREA hopes to create a platform within East Africa where dancers can share and develop their skills, inspire each other and support emerging dancers

As we celebrate this is international women's day and in the light of that we want to tell you that Dance Revolution is putting on a Contemporary Night with the focus on women


The suffocation It is 2016 and still we women know that it is not obvious that the society believe us when we say that our rights have been violated, our bodies invaded and our spirits stepped on. Why don’t we believe each other? Why don’t we put our trust in that our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends are telling the truth, when we trust them with our lives in other contexts. Instead we talk badly about each other worsening the thing that for many girls and woman already is one of the worst things that could happen. Those feelings are suffocating in every imaginable way. This piece is just about that. Created and choreographed by Namanya Edna.

Namanya Edna ,Nakibuye Hatra, Zawedde sarah and Amiti Mary

Yuttah Konvictz
LA Baila Clinic UG
Dance Theater Uganda…among others

1st of April
7 pm – 9 pm
The Ugandan National Theater CICP room
Entrance: Open ticket! “No maximum, No minimum”

The dance night this time is Sponsored by
UNCC, Alliance Frances, Gujja Thing African Art,