Conference on "Sustainable Peace for a better Africa"

Conference on "Sustainable Peace for a better Africa"
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Starts: Tuesday, 22 March, 2016 05:00am

Ends: Thursday, 24 March, 2016 01:00pm

Event Details

Peace is the freedom from disturbance, it is quite and tranquillity. The ability of people solving their conflicts without violence. Peace is when everyone feels safe wherever they are and live. People work together in harmony to improve quality of their lives. Without peace personal and societal development is impossible. Sustainable Peace For A Better Africa Conference is a conference that brings together Church leaders and other stake holders in Africa and the world .The conference has participants from South Sudan, Liberia, Kenya, Brazil, Ghana, Zambia, Democratic Republic Of Congo, Rwanda Burundi and all the other counties in Africa that have been affected by violence and armed conflict. The conference will be held in Nairobi – Kenya from 22nd to 24th March 2016.The Conference is held in a partnership between World Servanthood Ministries of Kenya and Jesus International Evangelical Ministry of Norway.

The conference seeks to promote dialogue among Church leaders and other stake holders to bring about long lasting peace in Africa. It also seeks to seeks to enhance awareness among the participants about the past peace treaties in Africa. The ongoing situations of violence and armed conflicts in Africa. The conference will encourage proactive participation of the Church in prevention of war and violence. Proactive involvement of the Church in conflict resolution.

The Target group
The conference will bring together Church leaders and other stake holders from across Africa and the world.

About World Servanthood Ministries
World Servanthood Ministries is an Evangelical, Charismatic, Pentecostal Christian ministry that seeks to reinvent the very fundamental ideas of the church. The ministry is registered in Kenya, the core goal of the Ministry is to propagate the need for Christians and the church to be “the salt and the light of the world” Mathew 5:13. The Ministry endeavours to establish servanthood among faithfuls as a sign of glorifying the Lord. The World Servanthood Ministries simply seeks to foster practical Christianity in the world. It incorporates World Servanthood Ministries Assembly is a cell group church meeting for Sunday celebration services and with cells throughout the week

About Jesus Evangelical International Ministry
Jesus Evangelical International Ministry is registered in Norway. It is an Evangelical, Charismatic, Pentecostal ministry. The ministry seeks to evangelize and build bridges between different nationalities and denominations. It seeks to be a venue for the winning souls and a home for all believers regardless of gender and race. The ministry believes that Jesus is the son of God, it believes in the Holy Trinity, and it believes in life after death.

Executive Summary
Peace in Africa has been like an elusive mirage. From the time of independence from colonial masters, many African Nations have experience coup after coup. Civil war and electoral violence has persisted almost unabated. Many countries that used to be referred to as islands or oases of peace no longer enjoy that peace. Those who used to offer refuge to their neighbours and troubled lands in Africa have in the recent past found themselves seeking refuge elsewhere. The ones who used to broker peace talks and negotiations have found themselves needing peace negotiators and peace brokers. Every election year in many nations in Africa brings about anxiety and uncertainty because of fear of outbreak of war and violence.

Feelings of exclusion and marginalization continue to be amplified. Politics of clan, tribalism, sectarianism and corruption continue to fan the flames of anger hatred and revenge. The emergency of terrorism and terrorist groups has made bad and dire situations worse. All along the Church and the Church leaders have folded their hands. This because of fear of being muddied and the hope that God will somehow intervene and bring peace and tranquillity. It is now time for the Church and the Church leaders in Africa to stand up to be counted and proactively be involved in bringing about long lasting peace in Africa.

The Conference

The conference envisions long lasting peace in Africa through the deliberate actions of the Church in Africa, working together with other stakeholders and governments in Africa.

Sustainable Peace for a better Africa Conference endeavours to bring together all the Church Leaders across Africa to work together with other stakeholders and governments to bring about long lasting peace in Africa.

1. To bring the church and stakeholders in addressing peace in Africa.
2. Reviewing previous broken peace deals in Africa.
3. Finding lasting solutions to armed conflict in Africa.

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