CONFÉRENCE | Nuclear Communications in South Africa, with Solly MOENG,

By Cap40
Wed, Jan 27. 9:00AM - 12:00PM
Alliance Française du Cap, Cape Town

CONFÉRENCE | " Managing Communication around Nuclear New Build – A South African Experience " with Solly MOENG, Managing Director of “DonValley”, a Reputation Management Agency; Columnist, The SA government has confirmed its intention to invest in nuclear new build to diversify the country’s energy supply. The nuclear industry has often been regarded a poor communicator at best and, at worst, secretive. With the proliferation of new media platforms, increased media scrutiny and public interest in the so-called green issues, public spending, socio-economic development, etc., it has become increasingly necessary to understand how nuclear communicators relate to the media, in a broad sense, and to media practitioners in particular. Thanks to Solly MOENG WE will explore the sensitive dynamics between government and media in this area. FREE ENTRANCE Conference followed by a free cocktai @Alliance Française du Cap, 155 Loop Street

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