Conference Call & Seminar, For SOUTH AFRICA FOREX EXPO

Conference Call & Seminar, For SOUTH AFRICA FOREX EXPO
past over 2 years ago

Sat, Jan 30. 6:00AM - 9:00AM

Sandton Convention Centre 161 Maude Street Sandton, South Africa

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OVER VIEW OF SOUTH AFRICA FOREX EXPO : SAForexexpo is the largest financial B2C and B2B conference, the purpose of this event is to provide avenue, for business development..

Come and learn for days in our Conference Call & Seminar, January 30th and the Main events in May 13th - 14th 2016. The Sandton Convention Center will play host to the country’s financial exhibition focused on examining and reshaping the future of personal finance and how people handle their personal wealth throughout the course of their lives. Creating employments and brings together some of the country’s most innovative business minds – CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors and financial industry leaders – to discuss the art
of new personal financial intelligence, the power of wise investment in the coming decades, and how to effectively optimize each touch point in the average financial life, from your twenties all the way through to a cushy retirement.

The Expo will serve as a meeting ground for Forex Traders, ICT, OIL & Gas, Real Estate, White Label Brokers, IBs, Banks, Business Networking And Much More... In anticipation the expo promises to welcome thousands of investors, from all over the African Continent and many exhibitors from all over the world.

Individual and Corporate Investors
Banking and financial institutions
Real Estate Investors
High Net Worth Individuals
Government Officials
Jewelery and Gold traders
Exchange institutions
ICT Investors
Agents & Brokers
Oil & Gas Investors
Senior Executives of key organizations
Money fund portfolio Managers
Business Networkers
CEOs and executives
Wealth managers
Financial advisors
Risk assessors