By Computer Society of Zimbabwe
Wed, Jun 17. 12:00AM - 3:00AM
Computer Society of Zimbabwe, Harare

Introduction The worldwide migration to the digital era has brought about numerous positive aspects, transforming this generation into the information age and giving birth to the new economy. Over and above the ‘traditional’ computing, such innovations like mobile banking, digital broadcasting, cloud computing and may others have been embraced. The downside of this development is the rise in cyber-crime and the general cyber security threats. This calls for organisations in general and ICT practitioners in particular to adopt proactive approaches in combating these ills, and move towards a secure digital future. In light of this, the Computer Society of Zimbabwe’s annual Business School will this year run under the theme “Towards a Secure Digital Future.” This is in sync with the CSZ’s year focus on information security and the school tackles the broad aspects of information security but delving in depth on digital forensics as a tool of identifying and combating possible security breaches.

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