Combating Climate Change With Technology Business Serminar

Combating Climate Change With Technology Business Serminar
past about 1 year ago

Sat, Jun 17 9:00AM - Sat, Jun 24 12:00PM

Kumasi Kumasi, Ghana

Event Details

Our event is about the introduction of the world's most innovative technology designed to combat climate change through total reduction of vehicular carbon emissions, saving fuel, reducing respiratory and health problems, and possible ways of vehicle owners, transport companies, state institutions,cutting down expenditure on fuel, promoting of your vehicle engine lifespan, reduction of rate of servicing ,saving money for five years and beyond. Participants are expected to obtain first hand knowledge on Supertech ''genius of the tank'' the only technology in the world that acts directly inside the fuel inside the tank of vehicles, machines using petrol and diesel and its enormous benfits and also contribution of total reduction of vehicular carbon emissions and climate change. and how Supertech technology works to decontaminate fuel of all unburned carbon deposits and enhance vehicles performance and many more... Business opportunities will be opened for Regional Exclusive Distributors, Agents ,Resellers and Investors . All heads of state institutions, vehicle owners,transport companies and stakeholders in the transport industry, Environment and Health Agencies are invited to Join and participate in this event. Visit