Coffee Cameras: Documenting climate change in Uganda

Coffee Cameras: Documenting climate change in Uganda
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Mon, Mar 27. 1:00PM - 3:00PM

Margret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Art makerere university Kampala, Uganda

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Smallholder farmers are among the people most victimized by climate change, yet they rarely have a chance to tell their own story to the public. This project aims to change that.

Coffee is Uganda's most important industry, and it faces an existential threat from climate change. Already, farmers across the country are suffering from rising temperatures and unpredictable seasonal rainfall.

In February, twelve coffee farmers on Mount Elgon spent a week using disposable cameras to document how climate change is impacting their lives. Their images offer a beautiful, creative, and intimate insight into coffee farmers' daily lives and the struggles they face from drought. This event, a collaboration between the US Fulbright program, National Geographic, and the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, will be the first gallery exhibition of these photos.

Join us for an evening of exploration and discussion about the images and their implications, featuring Fulbright-National Geographic Storytelling Fellow Tim McDonnell, IITA scientist Onno Giller, farmer-photographer Sam Massa, and other guests.

Free admission. More information about the location here: