Coastal and Maritime Surveillance

Coastal and Maritime Surveillance
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Starts: Monday, 17 March, 2014 08:00pm

Ends: Thursday, 20 March, 2014 05:00pm

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The Gulf of Guinea and wider African waters have become increasing areas of concern for all nations. A proliferation of illegal activities in the region, manifesting in piracy, armed robbery at sea, oil theft and illegal bunkering, illegal harvesting of fisheries, arms smuggling, drug trafficking and other nefarious acts are blighting a region which is rich in resources and economic promise.

The Ghana Navy, official partners of Coastal and Maritime Surveillance, is leading the way in the international effort to increase capability in the region and restore tolerable levels of maritime security. Amongst many of the countries in the Gulf of Guinea looking to work multilaterally, modernize technology and find best practice, Ghana Navy is arguably the most appropriate organisation to host this conference.

The impact of illegal activities at sea in the region hits far further than the shores of Africa, that is why delegates can expect to meet a variety of attendees at this seminal conference. Not only will they meet a full host of officers from the tri-services of Ghana, but attendance is planned for the key decision makers in many Africa coastal nations.

With the help of the Ghana Navy, and a preeminent speaker faculty constituting only the most relevant or experienced maritime security agencies, the conference will play an important role in deciding future measures to increase coastal surveillance and enhance operational capability in Africa.
Key topics to be discussed at the Summit

  • Surveillance ships and offshore patrol vessels
  • Coastal surveillance systems
  • Sea surveillance radars
  • Surface to air radars
  • Anti-piracy
  • Anti-smuggling
  • Search and rescue
  • Air surveillance and reconnaissance
  • Maritime Domain Awareness
  • Interoperability and integration of systems
  • Unmanned aerial systems
  • Naval helicopters and reconnaissance aircraft
  • Protection of offshore oil and energy assets
  • Multilateral operations to increase maritime security

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