By Emmanuel Nterful
Tue, Sep 9. 6:00PM - 9:00PM
Lighthouse Chapel International, Korle Gonno Cathedral, Accra

CHURCH GROWTH CONFERENCE 2014 The Church Growth Conference ( CGC) is an annual program for church leaders organized under the auspices of Bishop Emmanuel Nterful who is the resident bishop of the Lighthouse Chapel International, Light of the World Cathedral, Korlegonno. Bishop Nterful oversees more than one hundred Lighthouse Chapel International ( LCI) churches , and also serves as the President of the Anagkazo Bible and Missions Training Centre- the pastoral and missionary training institute of the LCI. Bishop Nterful’s passion is to see the fulfillment of the Lord Jesus Christ's desire as expressed in Luke 14:23 "…that my house be filled", a key ingredient for the actualization of the Great Commission. The bishop believes that the Church of Jesus Christ must grow both In numbers and in depth. He likes to echo the declaration of his father in ministry, Bishop Dag Heward- Mills, that "…church growth it is possible ! ". Since 2010 Bishop Nterful has organized this Church Growth Conference, during which together with other seasoned mega church ministers, he shares key biblical teachings and principles about how to grow the church. These church growth- oriented teachings stimulate , engender, motivate and ensure the growth of the church. Pastors usually leave the Conference powerfully inspired to fight for the growth of their local churches. The conference targets pastors of small to medium size churches who have a great desire to grow their churches. It is also useful for overseers, church planters, missionaries, bible students and indeed all levels of church workers , and even para church organizations. The 2014 edition of the Church Growth Conference is slated for 9th -12th September. Watch out for details

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