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Christian Women in Business Network: Gauteng Launch

By Bontlebame
Sat, Jul 15. 7:30AM - 10:30AM
National Zoological Gardens of South Africa, Pretoria

The Christian Women in Business Network initially launched in Durban in April 2017 and its success and popular demand has led to the Gauteng Launch. The Network bring together like-minded business and professional women from different industries with a common goal of building a local network of sharing and imparting business knowledge, support, encouragement, inspiration towards growing and flourishing businesses professional careers. Amazing world class inspirational business and professional women will be leading conversations and dialogue in the beautiful Waterhole venue in the centre of the Zoo while enjoying scrumptious delicious african views and eats. Interested businesses will also participate in a business expo to grow their businesses and brands. Importantly, the Network also benefits Teen Girls in impoverished circumstances through the Bontlebame Girls of Hope Programme towards acquiring skills and the confidence to exit their circumsntances, importantly through igniting ambition and instilling an entrepreneurial desire through developing business skills and outlook from a young age.utlook from a young age.

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