Chow Ghana

By Just Fresh
Mon, Jul 2. 8:00AM - 11:00AM
Efua Sutherland Park, Accra

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Ticket Type Price Qty
Entry Ticket ₵13.00 N/A
Entry Ticket+ Fashion Show ₵23.00 N/A
Ticket for Children ₵8.00 N/A

Chow Ghana is Ghana's largest local food festival that seeks to showcase the culture of Ghana mainly through traditional food, fashion, tourism and a display of art, culture and dance.

  • Serving and building communities.
  • Promoting collaboration & partnerships.
  • Building strong ties and relationships.
  • Food, products, music, arts, culture.
  • Experience the best of Ghana.

Chow Ghana is a household event held annually to attract both locals and expatriates from all walks of life to come and have a feel of a Ghanaian food festival. The name “Chow” though originally meaning food, doubles as a Ghanaian pidgin slang popularly meaning food to both locals and the educated who have a knack for speaking pidgin in Ghana. Hence the name , since it will be easily understood and adopted.

Chow Ghana is also an attempt to promote Ghana to the rest of the world. Its rich culture, art, food, and tourism potentials will be displayed in continuous loop at the event.

Ghanaians love to defend their food to death!  Not to talk of Ghanaian Jollof and the endless rant around their favorite waakye spots; so we thought, why not bring these favorite traditional meals together, foster creativity and birth happiness through food

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