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By Curate Consults
Sat, Aug 26. 2PM - 6PM
TDC Towers, Tema
past 10 months

Chayil Conference is targeted at the modern woman of faith. It is an opportunity intentionally created for women to step off that which seemingly has become a struggle in their Christian walk and a chance to drag all the overwhelming issues life throws at them to a space annexed for her to embrace her fears, faith and flaws and connect with other like-minded women who are willing to help her mend her baggage in other to challenge her to get back on that journey to being what God has called her to be.


The pressures of life and faith in our current world are unique. Our goal therefore is to host an annual event where young Christian women can bring the truest versions of who they are to extract wisdom, renew their faith and be challenged to pursue their shared passions for Christ.


To serve as a resource for women who are seeking to unleash the fullness of their God-given potential into the world without apology.


All women above the age of 18 who are committed to investing in themselves, and who sometimes need a little access and girl-support in their Christian journey.


Core Values:

1. Prayer and Fellowship: How good and pleasant it is that brethren dwell together in unity through fellowship. [Psalm 133:1]

2. The Bible: It is inspired by God and is the pattern for life and ministry [2 Timothy 3:16-17]

3. Identity: We are created in the image of God, redeemed by Jesus Christ and gifted by the Spirit of God [Genesis 1:27, Galatians 2:26, Act 2:17-18]

Purpose Statement:

We believe that at the end of each conference you will be set free, you will be empowered to rise up in victory, you will be strengthened to step up to your faith and hit a home run in pursuit of your God given purpose.


Teaching. Worship. Prayer. Creativity. Inspiration. Enablement. Empowerment. Fun. Vision. Mandate. Partnership. Nurturing. Information. Solution. Purpose. Change. Voice. Outreach. Service. The Miraculous.


• To encourage and model personal study of the bible and to ensure that the gospel message is proclaimed boldly and clearly in our daily lives.

• To develop fresh approaches to God-pleasing ministries for women.

• To explore scripturally sound opportunities for service in every calling of life from home, to church, to the world.

• To offer a variety of avenues for young women to communicate, share ideas and network.


 She is a woman of virtue and is endued with power

 She looks life’s circumstances and her past in the face and says “You can’t beat me”.

 She lives fully and loves bravely.

 She never gives in, never gives up, and never lets go.

 She dares to be who she is in Christ – imperfect yet loved


NAKED – ‘Returning to the Source’!

Whilst dealing with the harsh realities of ‘adulting’ today, life’s circumstances and experiences leaves us stressed, pained, broken, empty, depressed, feeling guilty... And in our bid to fit in, we end up consciously and unconsciously canvassing our frailties by assuming certain personalities, taking life decisions or accepting postures that are not necessarily true of our God given identities.

Naked tells a story of restoration…Our story of restoration.

Here, being naked means taking off the filters we have put over our lives just to be accepted by society and dragging all the overwhelming issues life throws at us to a space annexed for us to embrace our fears, faith and flaws. What an atmosphere to be in, where we can come presenting the truest versions of ourselves, where we can truly lay our crowns aside, surrender it all, and be made whole in the fullness of Christ.

We believe that by owning up to our vulnerabilities, not only does it expose our weaknesses or struggles but it presents us an opportunity to reclaim and live our identity as children of God.

Through sharing our personal stories and struggles with rejection, loss, heartbreak, failure, broken families, depression etc as women, we hope it brings us closer in our mutual struggles and equip us with the tools and resources to recognize and deal with our shortcomings in other to become better versions of ourselves using the bible as a point of reference.


For our chit-chat session this year, we have put together a sweet panel who will be delving into the topic ‘Sunk Cost Fallacy in Relationships’

It can be really challenging to walk away from a relationship where you’ve already spent any amount of time, money or energy. What often happens is that you try to rationalize the situation by saying that, since you cannot recover whatever, you have invested in the relationship, you might as well stay the course or even allocate additional resources to make things better.

Join us as we dissect some of the dangers of falling into this cognitive bias and outline common scenarios where sunk cost fallacy shows up in our lives.


A special word + Prayer

Our goal is to ensure you are ministered to holistically. As women, we often wear so many hats so its important for us to annex a space where you can receive and be encouraged on your Christian journey.

Girl Chat

Who doesn’t love some good girl talk? We have put together a list of your favorite ladies who will be leading conversations about dealing with the issue of Sunk Cost Fallacy in relationships that we believe every woman needs to be conscious of.

Networking & Sisterhood

So many of us have navigated through the years isolated. We have created a special space where we can all come together to feel seen, accepted and leave with practical tips needed to align with our purposes as women

An ultimate Girl time experience

What’s the aim of a meeting of girls if we don’t have some sisterhood fun? Our ice cream social session is packed with all you need to catch up on girl time, networking, special surprises, giveaways and so much more.

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