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Sat, Mar 14. 10:00AM - 1:00PM

Lagos, Nigeria Lagos, Nigeria

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“Success leaves clues, and wise ones search them out in the lives of those that create them.”

CHAMPIONS’ FORUM™ is an episodic online TV production showcasing the struggles, secrets, and victories of champions who have defied the odds and paid their dues to triumph in life and are making a difference in a unique way in their respective fields.

In CHAMPIONS’ FORUM, we take you through the principles and strategies of champions to help you break through life’s limitations, learn new insights, inspire you to new heights, overcome life’s blows, deal effectively with success, and be worthy role model in your world.

If these guys have done it, CHAMPIONS’ FORUM™ offers you that unique opportunity to discover what they know!

Things to expect on each episode of CHAMPIONS’ FORUM™:

* Stories that matter
* Rich, inspiring contents
* Renewed Motivation
* Personal Transformation
* Buckets of Fun!

Premieres this MARCH!!!!!

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