By CCA ComedySportz High School League
Fri, Feb 27. 4:00PM - 7:00PM
Pader, Uganda, Pader

"My iPhone battery drains too fast." "The school wifi doesn't work in my AP Calculus class." "My TV is too big sometimes." We've all had thoughts like these. It's easy to take our privileged lives for granted. But on the other side of the world in the district of Pader, Uganda, the standard of living is very different. Specifically, the citizens living in rural Pader do not have access to basic healthcare. This year, the Envision Conservatory for the Humanities has teamed up with the Northern Uganda Medical Mission, or NUMEM. NUMEM is a non-profit organization that provides reliable and modern healthcare for affordable prices. The students in Humanities are raising funds, creating educational posters and pamphlets, and sending CCA created artwork to the hospital. This is not an irrelevant and mildly depressing anecdote. Humanities has sponsored our match this Friday, so that all of the ticket and concessions sales go directly to NUMEM. If just 100 people come, we would make at least 500 dollars to send to the organization. And we can do better than that. Every time you laugh, a child in Uganda laughs. Now show this to anyone who asks what actually goes on in Humanities. And invite them to the match too.

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