Buying Property in Zambia - Launch Event South Africa

Buying Property in Zambia - Launch Event South Africa
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Sat, Nov 5. 11:00AM - 2:00PM

Zambia High Commission - Pretoria 570, Ziervogel Street (Off Hamilton Street), Arcadia 0028, Pretoria, South Africa Pretoria, South Africa

Event Details

Are you a Zambian living in the diaspora?
Are you interested in buying property back home?

Join us at our PRETORIA LAUNCH EVENT where we will introduce you to a new way of BUYING PROPERTY IN ZAMBIA.

Diaspora Connect introduces you to a unique service never seen before in Zambia. Attend this launch event to learn how we use THE 3 KEY SERVICES to make your buying process safe, easy and effective.

At the launch event;

We will present you with an exclusive number of new-build Zambian property developments

We will introduce you to financing & banking services tailored to the Zambian in the diaspora looking to acquire or move money for their property purchase.

We will show you why it is paramount to get your property & conveyancing services right by using this diaspora legal service specifically designed to help Zambians in the diaspora

No other Zambian company uses world-class software to help you find and manage your buying process.

Want to learn more? Come join us at the Zambian Embassy in Pretoria on Saturday, November 5th, 2016 at 14:00 and begin to plan your property purchase in Zambia.