Butterfly Circus Jingle Bells

By Butterfly Youth Foundation
Wed, Nov 30. 2:30AM - 5:30AM
Rainbow International School Uganda, Kampala

BUTTERFLY YOUTH FOUNDATION, FUNDRAISING FOR ACQUISITION OF A PIECE OF LAND TO BUILD A PERMANENT HOME FOR VULNERABLE CHILDREN PROPOSAL FOR FUNDING APPEAL TO F-U-N-DR-AI-SE FOR BUTTERFLY. We are glad to know you are happy and healthy enjoying the ever amazing butterfly circus show, thank you so much for your support towards our work! We would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you our new and exciting project aimed at transforming Butterfly to A Self- sustainable Organization. We would like to Acquire Land and establish the first Ever Circus School in Uganda, Permanent Home for butterfly family, a performance and training facilities and administration block among other vital programs like agriculture and education for self- reliance. For over 7 Years of Our Existence now, we have only had a temporary life We Lived; you can compare us to Tourists. We Kept On changing from Shelter to Shelter where we've suffered and face a lot of struggle, changing children schools, switching addresses every now and then, and so much more which is bringing a lot of disorganization in the organization, the children also can't settle well, and we have observed that this circle is Impacting negative effects generally on the children. Therefore we have resolved the issue to permanently settle on our own facility. On that note we are appealing to all our Lovely Supporters, Volunteers, and Well-wishers, family, friends and friends of friends to Join Us in Fundraising for $15,000 towards achieving the above stipulated goals mainly land. This Campaign is open to all, you can send us a message or a comment, we will be more than welcome to discuss with you your best opinions for a successful fundraiser, thanks you so much. For more information check out Butterfly's Website: http://butterfly-youth-foundation.net/ Submitted by: Butterfly Youth Foundation P.O.Box 71776, Kampala Contact: +256 703737761/ 784 474495 /782127102 Website: http://butterfly-youth-foundation.net/

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