Business Valuation through the lens of Tanzanian Technology Startup Entrepreneurs

By KINUvation
Sat, Feb 7. 1:00PM - 4:00PM
KINUvation HUB, Dar es Salaam

During the course of the last and actual decade, tremendous numbers of African and Tanzanian tech entrepreneurs are coming up with business ideas capable of radically changing the configuration of the business environment in Africa in general and Tanzania in particular. Most of these ideas have to deal with the technological business sector (especially the Software & Services Subsector) where as compared to others business sectors; young tech entrepreneurs are able to express their creativity, innovation capabilities and talents. However, it still remains one challenge which prevents them to tap into that business sector and by then contribute to the wealth creation through sound and efficient financial decision making: the business valuation of their companies. In finance, business valuation is the process of estimating what something is worth. The aim of this presentation session is to share the results of a research that has been done on the business valuation of tech start-up companies in Tanzania. More specifically, the focus in this presentation session will be on: Firstly, the current usage of valuation techniques and tools by Tanzanian start-up tech entrepreneurs as well as factors influencing their choice; Secondly, the importance - for Tanzanian tech entrepreneurs - of business valuation as prerequisite for intelligent management decision making; Last but not least, sharing some insights about the current financial practices of diverse tech start-up investors (venture capitalists, business angels, Telco companies) in East Africa. Speaker Profile: Ibrahim Ntoumbe – MBA in Finance, has worked for over six years as consultant in management for SMEs across several countries in Africa. The presentation mentioned above takes its source in one of his research paper titled “Application of Real Options in the Valuation of Tech Start-up Companies in Tanzania”.

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