BROWNBAG SERIES: “Born Digital: Rethinking Plagiarism in the Digital Era.”

By University of Zimbabwe Library
Tue, Nov 17. 10:45AM - 11:45AM
University of Zimbabwe Library, Harare

The University of Zimbabwe Library would like to invite you to a Brownbag Series talk. The talk is themed; “Born Digital: Rethinking Plagiarism in the Digital Era.” Today’s students are born with technology and they can be referred to as “Digital Natives” as they rely on technology for communication, research and any other academic related activities. As they manipulate technology for academic reasons, chances are that they end up engaging in unethical habits such as plagiarism. Given such a background, the talk aims to look at the roles that academics are playing (or can play) in combating plagiarism in academic writing. As such one would ask leading questions such as: 1. What are the UZ Academic integrity policies and statutes? 2. Are students aware of the implications of plagiarism as an academic offence? 3. What are lecturers doing to raise Academic Integrity awareness? 4. What tools are our lecturers using for reference management and plagiarism detection?

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