Breakthrough to Freedom ~ Women only 4-week Coaching Intensive

Breakthrough to Freedom ~ Women only 4-week Coaching Intensive
past about 2 years ago

Wed, May 4. 3:00PM - 6:00PM

Nairobi, Kenya Nairobi, Kenya

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Breakthrough to Freedom is a powerful women only 4-week Coaching Intensive with Naraya, guiding you to dive into the essence of Who You Really Are at the core of your Being, finding freedom beyond the level of circumstances and the roles we play, achieving happiness that does not need a reason, leaving you resting in and as deep, lasting peace.

Have you ever set yourself yet another goal which you believed, once reached, would make you happier? Have you attended seminars and workshops, read books and listened to audios to learn yet another set of skills designed to help you live a better life? Have you done everything and anything to become more complete, accomplished, feel more whole? Well, search no more! While all this is great to aid you on your path, and i have done it all, what if we had it backwards? What if our happiness, our freedom and fulfillment was the skill to be learned first, before attending to the details of our life?!

During this Coaching Intensive, together we will explore what it's like to bypass the mind, rivet our attention in the now moment, allow ourselves to FEEL, and find fulfillment, peace, the love we are and freedom in this moment, here, now, exactly where we are. Intentionally, we'll pull out the rug from our limiting beliefs, stories of victimhood, lack and misery, our past conditioning, arriving in the wholeness, simplicity and eternity of the only reality there is, this moment. The magical (and fun!) power transformation tools we use include meditation, movement, satsang, cards, The Work of Byron Katie, as well as exercises derived from Laughter Yoga, The Journey, Systemic Constellation etc. Additionally, you will learn to launch soul intentions as opposed to ego intentions. And i will teach you 4 simple yet extremely effective happiness habits, one every week, to last you a lifetime and switch your channel to the life and level of fulfillment you long to draw into every part of your life, every cell of your body, every breath you take.

About your host: Naraya is an inspirational visionary thought leader, international speaker and workshop facilitator, agent of conscious evolution, accredited Journey practitioner, healer, and soul coach with the distinct ability to uncover, pinpoint and help you change the specific mental and emotional patterns responsible for creating unwanted realities in any area of your life. She is passionate about guiding you to freedom and supporting you in living life from the heart ... unapologetically, radically, courageously! What Naraya brings to every of her interactions are 30 years of experience in human psycho-social development, a multitude of science backed leading edge transformational tools from world leaders in the field, her depth of status-quo-challenging wisdom and unconventional viewpoints, quirky humour and loads of unconditional Love for YOU.

We will meet once a week, 4x3h every Wednesday evening at an agreed venue, starting on May 4th. Additionally, every participant receives 2x2h coaching sessions to address individual questions, issues, concerns and blockages through flexible interventions. All in all, that's 16h of high quality soul coaching and focussed attention.

Cost of the program is KES 27.500 or US$ 275 payable cash, by m-pesa or transfer to UK bank account. A non-refundable deposit of KES 5.000 is required to secure your place. Only 4 participants accepted. If program is fully booked, you can be put on list for June.

Free Bonus #1: Bring a friend, i.e. book for 2 people, and pay only 25.000 each.
Free bonus #2: An extra session of playing Satori - The Radical Forgiveness Game. You will be surprised at what a simple game can reveal to you!
Free bonus #3: For every paying client i offer the same program for FREE to a young Kenyan who would otherwise be unable to access quality coaching and mentoring such as this. This is part of my role as YOU Shift Africa founder and cheer leader.

For more info and to arrange for an informal conversation to help you discern if this program is for you, please send a private message or leave a comment on the event page.
Asante sana, Thank you, Namaste

Sharing is caring, so please invite your friends to this program, profusely share event page via social media, and recommend the program to your friends! Especially because of the young YOUth Shifters who will equally benefit from this! Be blessed :)