Book Launch Party of The Anxious Entrepreneur by Tiisetso Maloma

Book Launch Party of The Anxious Entrepreneur by Tiisetso Maloma
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Starts: Saturday, 28 May, 2016 10:00am

Ends: Saturday, 28 May, 2016 01:00pm

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Over time, our anxiety threshold builds up. It can explode. Mine has several times.

Hi, I am Tiisetso Maloma and I am an anxious entrepreneur. I have stumbled across and even formulated some anxiety defusing techniques.

Entrepreneurship is a nerve wrecking business, especially when things are not going according to one’s wish, plan, desire, need or desperation. THIS IS ALMOST ALL OF THE TIME...

This is because, us 'entrepreneurs', rightfully so, are always focused on achieving certain goals. We pursue the opportunities we have thought of. This creates expectations. We have a picture of how these goals will be achieved. We have a picture of how many units our products will sell.

The funny thing is, no one has control over tomorrow’s reality and things don’t always happen the way we want them to. Subconsciously, when our expectations are not met, we are shaken. This gets us anxious and sometimes depressed.

Comparatively, entrepreneurs are highly prone to mental pains, than the general society. A study titled "Are Entrepreneurs Touched with Fire" by Dr Michael Freeman, surveyed 242 entrepreneurs. 72% had mental health concerns, 49% had one or more lifetime mental health conditions and 5.4% were suicidal. World Health Organization says the world’s lifetime prevalence of depression ranges from 3% to 17%.

I am a top dog at being anxious. To make it worse, I dabble in few separate entrepreneurship ambitions at the same time; some call this parallel entrepreneurship. It is very crazy. I am forever anxious about multiple things.

Anxiety invades our productivity and thus our goals. All it takes is to not see progress in a day, week or month. The next minute, we are at the highest anxiety hills, depressively recounting on our history of failure, and very much doubting our future.

This book covers several anxiety causing accounts in varying articles to relate ways to defuse anxiety and depression in one’s entrepreneurship life, and setting in robust - proactive and reactive - attitudes and actions.

It is not concerned with defining anxiety from depression or other mental health disorders.

It isn’t an academic book. It is fun.

It is a collection of anecdotes, emotions, feelings, frustrations and philosophies where the connection point is, it seemed anxiety moved out of the way when a mode of creativity was given space.

You cannot be anxious and creative at the same time. It’s like working science. One must give way for the other. Anxiety trumps creativity and creativity trumps anxiety.

The Anxious Entrepreneur book is targeted at aspiring and startup entrepreneurs. It gets them in tune with the ventures they love, dishes out agile and robust ways of pursuing them and defusing the anxieties that comes with entrepreneurial venturing.

**Other things the book is about:
- Accidentally or unintentionally, this book is also about marketing. Marketing and branding still remains one of the biggest headaches and pains for entrepreneurs, especially startups.
- The things to do in order to attract unthought-of opportunities. They have saved me more times than those I thought of and also I have found they help take away anxieties and depression.
- Minimum viability essentials to least move forward and gain progress with, i.e. when resources are scarce:- the rationing of what things and areas to leave out and those to move forward with, when starting and running a business.
- Tapping into one’s potential and gaining progress.
- How to have hustle and refuelling it.
- Testing business ideas without committing massive resources. A good thing especially when enabling and ideal resources are not available or are limited.
- How not to let the fear of ‘failure reputation’ stop and throttle us.
- How to go on and be productive when we are anxious and puzzled as to where our business life is going.
- Tactful networking.