Book Launch Party

Book Launch Party
past over 1 year ago

Sun, Jan 1. 10:00AM - 5:00PM

Harare, Zimbabwe Harare, Zimbabwe

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The release of THREE literary works written by Anesu MJ McDonald, which despite different contexts all carry a perculiar air of new age.

1. Gravel Gravy: Is a modern day story with all the problems faced by every african child male and female, as the struggle to find meaning in a world that was brought to a shores of a people without asking perpetuates. In the telling of a young man's story, we get to appreciate how we are unified in daily struggles.

2. Bako reharirwe: Old shona literature, fiction, romance, fantacy, fables e.t.c are based on male protagonists. This is from generations of male praising and female submisssiveness in the Shona (and African) culture. Contrarily, this book tells the Adventures of a woman's challenges and how the inner and outer strenghts and beauty of women can conquer a World where man are always expected to finish ahead. TAKES MORE STRATEGY THAN MUSCLE TO WIN A FIGHT

3. Rurimi rwenhetembo: A book of poetry where poetic devices which have been ignored in shona nhetembo are applied to brew an art piece that is rhythmic, entertaining and telling stories that relate to the modern age.