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Bi-annual Donation Day Drive

By Kems Ghana
Tue, Dec 4. 10:00AM - 1:00PM
The Polo Club House, Accra

Box of Hope is back again! Our May donation drive was a huge success thanks to so many people from friends, family and do-gooders.

Kindly share with everyone you know and I hope to see a lot of you with your Boxes of Hope.

Do you have any items that you would like to give away to someone in need?

We all have stuff we don't need anymore and don't know what to do with, like:

Four needy NGOS who would love and NEED to have these items have been targeted.

Please post this on your whatsapp pics, Instagram, Facebook, send it to alllll your friends and family, let's come together and be a blessing to someone else.

Let's help to make this an amazing project ... as always!!

And remember... "we are in this together"

Find details on the attached flyer.

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